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1 Miller Center, Pekin, IL 7:00-10:00 Ballroom Dance
2 Residence, Green Lake, WI Private Private Event
4 Washington Estates, Washington, IL Private Holiday Event
4 Country Club of Peoria, IL Private Holiday event
6 John Evans Center, Pekin, IL 1:30-2:30 Monthly birthday event
7 Eagle Theater, Pontiac, IL 6:00-8:00 Evenglo Lodge event
8 Bopp Family Reunion, Sedalia, MO Private Bopps from far and wide!
16 Sazani's Restaurant, Pekin, IL Private Perdew Wedding
17 UAW Highrise, Pekin, IL 3:00-4:00 Entertainment for residents
20 Bernardi's II, Pontiac, IL 5:30-8:30 Great food and clientele
21 Bernardi's Pub, Dunlap, IL 6:00-9:00 Great food and regular crowd

All dates not posted.  Call or email for info.
To book an event or to inquire about an existing event call 309-353-1748, 309-267-1102 or email:

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From solo piano to "one-man-band" Carl can cover any event from piano-bar to  wedding reception.

Sound system, lights, wireless mics, CD/mp3 capability, MC service: whatever it takes to make your event a hit is provided as needed.

Additional musicians or vocalists can be added if requested.

 Carl is also a member of:
 Class Act  a four-piece group performing at many formal and civic events

Contact any of the venues listed here for a current reference!

"Live at the Skyroom" and "Christmas with Carl" CDs are also available.

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